Thursday, June 27, 2013

Guess who's back?

Back again. Shadys Puuchan's back.

Haha it hasn't even been that long.

I've added a new page called ' Portfolio ' with some drawings of mine, I hope you enjoy it ; _ ; !!

So... since people asked about the webcomic... I haven't started on it yet because I have no idea what the story should be about! I'm actually thinking about doing a collab with someone, like someone writes the story and I would be drawing the comic? But yeah I don't know if anyone's interested..
I'm not even that good at drawing comics... YET.
I should find some inspiration for like...coming up with a story.

For school I digged deeper in the whole ' drawing a storyboard'  but it didn't turn out as pretty as I wanted it to be but still haha I did enjoy drawing it all, it made me want to draw a comic more and more..
The first one is just some ' shots ' drawn, rather than a storyboard...
The last one was an official one for school the clip turned out like this (It's a commercial for some traffic alert thing, pretty boring haha)

I'm trying to be less emo ; _ ; (is it working?)
please comment, like I want to know what y'all are thinking

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Well isn't this awkward.

So, i made a blog.

This feels weird, it's like i'm talking to myself... or imaginary people? Oh well, so i guess i should start with saying hello.


To be honest i made this blog for school purposes, but i think i will try using it more for personal purposes, since writing like this is pretty calming.  I have no idea who would want to read shit like this... but yeah.

Since i'm starting fresh and all i could as well just start like an introduction(you could just read my profile for like basis info, yaknow)
I'm a otaku, kinda(i'm poor). Reading manga and watching anime is something i enjoy to do, this also inspired me to start drawing. My favourite anime is Gintama. (although i have other animes i enjoy a lot too)
For manga i usually read shoujo's...but also shounen/seinen... i don't know. (I like Gaki no Tsukai a lot too..and i used to watch asian drama's... and i listen to kpop, jrock and stuff but i listen to a lot of different type of music, lately its been jazz)
I like to draw, i started drawing when i was like 17. I'm now 19 and i still suck (HAHAHAH ; _ ;)

Anyways, i mentioned that i'm doing this for school, let me eleborate. I'm currently a first year at a course called Communication & Multimedia Design. (i followed my passion of drawing even though i'm not that good) For this course i need to share stuff with people i guess?
Having a blog is a nice way reaching out to people.
So yeah that's where the blog started.

What kind of stuff will i be saying? I think i'll be thinking about art(stuff i draw and stuff i like, and just stuff i want to talk about) and hmmm... events of school? Also just my hobbies =)
I'm probably also going to rant on a lot of stuff as well since i'm a hormonal rebbelious teenager. Please pardon me for this beforehand.

Some things i want to get out: I WANT TO START A WEBCOMIC REALLY BADLY. (i also want a dog really badly)
Since reading Todd Allison & The Petunia Violet.. i'm totally submerged(?) in this idea.
If you have any ideas or anything hit me up. You can also just talk to me, since i'm a lonely person. -crying-

Thank you for reading!
Expect more shit from me hahaha~