Sunday, June 23, 2013

Well isn't this awkward.

So, i made a blog.

This feels weird, it's like i'm talking to myself... or imaginary people? Oh well, so i guess i should start with saying hello.


To be honest i made this blog for school purposes, but i think i will try using it more for personal purposes, since writing like this is pretty calming.  I have no idea who would want to read shit like this... but yeah.

Since i'm starting fresh and all i could as well just start like an introduction(you could just read my profile for like basis info, yaknow)
I'm a otaku, kinda(i'm poor). Reading manga and watching anime is something i enjoy to do, this also inspired me to start drawing. My favourite anime is Gintama. (although i have other animes i enjoy a lot too)
For manga i usually read shoujo's...but also shounen/seinen... i don't know. (I like Gaki no Tsukai a lot too..and i used to watch asian drama's... and i listen to kpop, jrock and stuff but i listen to a lot of different type of music, lately its been jazz)
I like to draw, i started drawing when i was like 17. I'm now 19 and i still suck (HAHAHAH ; _ ;)

Anyways, i mentioned that i'm doing this for school, let me eleborate. I'm currently a first year at a course called Communication & Multimedia Design. (i followed my passion of drawing even though i'm not that good) For this course i need to share stuff with people i guess?
Having a blog is a nice way reaching out to people.
So yeah that's where the blog started.

What kind of stuff will i be saying? I think i'll be thinking about art(stuff i draw and stuff i like, and just stuff i want to talk about) and hmmm... events of school? Also just my hobbies =)
I'm probably also going to rant on a lot of stuff as well since i'm a hormonal rebbelious teenager. Please pardon me for this beforehand.

Some things i want to get out: I WANT TO START A WEBCOMIC REALLY BADLY. (i also want a dog really badly)
Since reading Todd Allison & The Petunia Violet.. i'm totally submerged(?) in this idea.
If you have any ideas or anything hit me up. You can also just talk to me, since i'm a lonely person. -crying-

Thank you for reading!
Expect more shit from me hahaha~


  1. You need to work on your low self esteem, and what's stopping you from making the webcomic?

    1. HAVING A STORY. and inspirtation I guess. Yeah I totally need to work on my self-confidence, I'll try to be less emo the next time =)

  2. I'm not particularly fond of blogging either, probably because I'm not very good at it. Think of it as your art thread, but for your thoughts. Or thoughts and art. Or whatever you want. o:

    I do wish you didn't put yourself down so much, but I get it. I do it too, sometimes. That drawing's so cute. I think any webcomic you create would be awesome. So give it a try, I WANNA SEE.

    Btw, what kind of dog?

    1. I'll just write WHATEVER THEN. Maybe I should write about this huuuuge crush I have on a cute canadian girl (who's name is taylour. She's beautifull awesome and everything yeah) -wink-

      I WILL GIVE IT A TRY. I'm gonna seriously think about some ideas for stories!

    2. OH. I can't edit my replies? FINE BLOGGER.

      I don't really care what kind of dog, but it needs to be Medium/small sized(we live in a small home) and easily trainable (since it's the first time we'll get a dog)

      I'm thinking about a corgi, but my sister doesn't like them...So yeah I'm not sure which dog would fit my needs.

    3. I also like, REALLY like your blog.

  3. Replies
    1. Mhmhmhmhmhm John~ (You forgot your lovely mhm) =(

  4. Hello could you lend me some money?

  5. I think you quite suck
    Your thoughts to my brain to muck
    Go molest a duck

    1. *turn my brain to much

      And I love you too! :)

  6. Defo think you should write more posts here! And post your art! Great start numachannn :3

  7. That was a weird hate comment....

    I have nothing to add to this conversation, really, except for...

    CAPITILIZE THY I'S!!! And use spellcheck. Take this as advice from a hypocrite.

    1. Is thIs better?

      MAN. DON'T JUDGE ME GRAMMAR WISE. I'm dyslexic and dutch, that's like a double handicap.. but I'll try to pay more attention to it hahaha.

  8. Yeah, definitely do some more posts, even if it's just few to get a feel for how this might be for you.

    It doesn't work for everyone but sometimes making these posts even without knowledge of a direct audience helps to rationalise your thoughts. I've heard.