Thursday, June 27, 2013

Guess who's back?

Back again. Shadys Puuchan's back.

Haha it hasn't even been that long.

I've added a new page called ' Portfolio ' with some drawings of mine, I hope you enjoy it ; _ ; !!

So... since people asked about the webcomic... I haven't started on it yet because I have no idea what the story should be about! I'm actually thinking about doing a collab with someone, like someone writes the story and I would be drawing the comic? But yeah I don't know if anyone's interested..
I'm not even that good at drawing comics... YET.
I should find some inspiration for like...coming up with a story.

For school I digged deeper in the whole ' drawing a storyboard'  but it didn't turn out as pretty as I wanted it to be but still haha I did enjoy drawing it all, it made me want to draw a comic more and more..
The first one is just some ' shots ' drawn, rather than a storyboard...
The last one was an official one for school the clip turned out like this (It's a commercial for some traffic alert thing, pretty boring haha)

I'm trying to be less emo ; _ ; (is it working?)
please comment, like I want to know what y'all are thinking

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